AWD vs. 4WD at Sunroad Collision Center

AWD vs 4WD

Getting repairs or amendments done to your vehicle can be a stressful time for car owners, but when you bring it into a trustworthy and reliable facility that is staffed with expert technicians, it makes all the difference. Drivers in San Diego and the surrounding areas can bring their vehicle into a premier body shop in San Diego when they come to Sunroad Collision Center. We get many different types of vehicles, as well as a variety of different drivetrains. Four-Wheel Drive (4WD) and All-Wheel-Drive are two of the more common drivetrains we will see. In order to better understand our repair process, it is important to understand more about the difference between the two drivetrains.

Differences Between AWD & 4WD

Each of these drivetrain systems refers to when and how the torque is applied to each of the four wheels. Although 4WD and AWD sound like they would be the same, they are actually different.

4WD is when the torque from the vehicle is applied to all four wheels at all times while you are driving. There are vehicles made with part-time 4WD that can be enabled when you turn a switch. When 4WD is not enabled, then the vehicle is in two-wheel-drive or 2WD. AWD also sends torque to all four wheels constantly, but there is not a switch where you can disable AWD and enable 2WD.

Driving Conditions for AWD & 4WD

The driving system that is right for you depends on what lifestyle you tend to lead. If you plan on doing a lot of city driving and using your vehicle to commute to and from school or other various destinations then you may want to opt for a vehicle with AWD. If you plan on doing some off-roading or plan on driving on a rocky terrain then you will want to go for 4WD.

No matter what driving system you have, our technicians at Sunroad Collision Center can utilize their expert knowledge tools in our automotive collision center in San Diego to fix your vehicle. From San Diego auto glass repair to auto body paint in San Diego, our technicians can have your vehicle looking like it was just driven from the lot. To find out more about our premium services, give us a call!