Sunroad Collision Center’s Guide to De-Coding Automotive Jargon

Industry Dictionary

When it comes to taking care of your vehicle, you will have everything that you need all in one location when you work with our dealership near National City, CA. We are your number-one choice for a dependable, reputable body shop in San Diego, and we are always ready to assist with your automotive needs. Not only can we give you the service and repair that you are after, but we are also available to help educate you when it comes to some of the common technology used in the automotive world. Whether you are coming in for repairs or you need some major auto body repairs done on your vehicle, we will work hard to bring you an excellent experience.

Technical And Service Terms

  • Drivetrain: The drivetrain involves the parts of your vehicle that work to generate power to the wheels. Common drivetrains are all-wheel or two-wheel drive systems.
  • Acquisition Fees: These are sometimes referred to as bank fees or assignment fees, which are the funds that are charged by the company holding your lease to cover the costs generated during the initial financing steps. These fees might include data entry, collecting the credit report, and accuracy checks.
  • Torque: Sometimes referred to as “lb.-ft.” when describing a vehicle, the torque measures the amount of force coming from the engine that works to power the vehicle’s crankshaft.
  • Climate Control: This is an element found in many cars today that allows drivers to find the right temperature by setting their own specific heating or cooling levels. Sometimes referred to dual-zone climate control or automatic climate control, this is the ultimate system for cabin interior comfort.
  • Depreciation: This is a term that you will usually hear in association with the amount of money that a vehicle ends up losing over a period of time in terms of the actual value. For example, a new car is known to depreciate from the very minute that it is driven from the dealership.

Our Difference

When you work with Sunroad Collision Center, we work hard to engage with you beyond the jargon and bring you a great experience. If you’re in the La Mesa area and you need auto glass repair or other body or mechanical services to get your vehicle looking like new again, you can count on us as your top choice in a San Diego auto repair shop. We also offer regular auto body repair specials near Poway and the surrounding area. Call us at (844) 824-9680 to repair questions or appointments, and find our auto body repair shop conveniently located at 7303 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. in sunny San Diego, CA.