New Car Parts at Sunroad Collision Center

new car parts

Every part of a car is important in helping the entire machine run smoothly, which is why here at Sunroad Collision Center, we make sure we have the correct parts for your car and experienced professionals who know where to put them. If you need a specific part for your car, call us at our San Diego auto body repair shop and we will get whatever part you need.

We know that car parts aren't meant to last forever, which is why replacing them is a priority for us to make sure your car runs at its top speed. And not just any part will do: here at Sunroad Collision Center, we only use OEM parts—or certified manufacturer parts--to get the exact part that was made for your specific car's make, year, and model. By using these specific parts, you can ensure that your car has exactly what it needs to run efficiently so it can last longer on the road.

Some parts wear out quicker than others, such as brake components, batteries, headlight components, windshields, and filters like air filters, oil filters, and cabin filters, so be sure to pay attention to parts like these that may need an upgrade.

Usually, your car will have a warranty on certain parts, and we honor that warranty here at Sunroad Collision Center. For parts that we provide you that do not carry a separate warranty from your car's manufacturer or distributor, we will warrant that part ourselves. With a part warrant from us, you may bring in your vehicle for one year from the date we worked on it to repair or replace that part for you at no labor charge whatsoever.

For the best car parts in San Diego, visit our body shop near La Mesa, CA. We can match your car with the perfect part it needs to get back on the road again. Visit us at 7303 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.