Changing Your Oil at Sunroad Collision Center

oil change

If you are looking for a body shop in San Diego that puts a massive effort into making your vehicle run even better than when it came into the shop, then you need to make your way to Sunroad Collision Center. If you ever have the unfortunate occurrence of being involved in a collision, it is important to have a trustworthy local option and if you are in the San Diego area, you can be reassured by our professional and skilled technicians who perform everything from full-on auto body repairs to auto body paint in San Diego. Another important aspect of our collision center is our regular maintenance services, such as oil changes. Getting a regular oil change is imperative to your car’s health.

Changing Your Oil

Although drivers will change their oil, they often don’t understand why oil is such an important part of your vehicle. The oil used in car acts as a lubricant for all of the moving parts in your engine, so without the oil, the parts in your vehicle will cause more friction against each other and ultimately fail. It is suggested that your oil gets changed about every 3,000 miles. At our automotive collision center in San Diego, we can tell you all about the importance of changing your oil and why you should get it done regularly.

What Happens if You Don’t Change Your Oil

Another safety measure we think is important is maintaining a healthy distance between you and the car in front of you, especially during slippery and wet conditions. Along with maintaining a respectful distance in inclement weather, proper use of headlights can make a difference in making yourself visible to other drivers and helping you stay alert to objects in the road. If you sense that your headlights are weathered, we can make them look and function like new with our headlight lens restoration.

Auto Repairs for Safety

Failure to change your oil can result in massively expensive parts replacements and repairs. The friction against the parts in your vehicle can cause them to break and more often than not, the parts will break while you are driving. This can result in you being stranded or stuck in the middle of the road, which can cause dangerous collisions. Here at Sunroad Collision Center, we are mainly a San Diego BMW collision repair center, and OEM BMW vehicles can get costly. You can avoid all of this by getting regular maintenance done, such as changing your oil by our trained professionals.

To find out more about our regular maintenance services at Sunroad Collision Center give us a call at (844)-824-9680 and find out why we are the one of the most notable auto repair shops in San Diego.