Safe-Driving Tips from Sunroad Collision Center

safe driving tips

There is a reason that Sunroad Collision Center is the primary body shop in San Diego that people turn to whenever they have the misfortune of getting into a collision. If you ever are in the event that you are in a collision, you will find that we provide the most professional, prompt, and affordable service in the area. We perform everything from auto glass repair in San Diego to body paint jobs by seasoned technicians who specialize in Ford cars. Our main goal here is to keep people safe while on the roads so we do not have to see them in our collision center because of a car accident. This is why we want drivers in the area to stay in-tune with proper safety measures while driving.

Safety Tips

If you live near San Diego or any of the surrounding areas then you know that San Diego can have quite a bit of traffic, especially while on the highways. One of the biggest safety tips we encourage is for drivers to not look at their phone while their car is in motion under any circumstances. According to the National Safety Council, using your cell phone while driving accounts for a staggering 1.6 million crashes per year. It is for this reason that we suggest drivers get vehicles that are equipped with Bluetooth technology and voice control to enable hands-free features that keep you safe on the road and out of our automotive collision center in San Diego for dire instances.

Safe Car Models

The best part about technology becoming more advanced is that cars are getting safer. Ford cars have some of the highest safest ratings because of their durable construction and forward-thinking safety components. The 2017 Ford Explorer is one of the safest SUVs on the market because of its tough exterior and safety features, such as the stability control, which can detect when the driver is losing control of the handling and will use autonomous technology to regain control. There are plenty vehicles similar to the new Ford SUV, you can visit our Ford body shop in San Diego and ask our expert technicians what the safest models are.

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