What to Do When You’ve Been in an Accident

what to do after an accident

Regardless of the vehicle you are driving in and around the San Diego, CA, area, if you are involved in any sort of an accident, it can be understandably unsettling. The chances are good that you may not be thinking all that clearly in the time right after the accident, which is why it is so important to have information on what you can do should you be in this situation. Sunroad Collision Center has put together a step-by-step guideline to help:

  1. Move to a Safe Area
    Right after an accident, you need to move your vehicle to a safer area, if possible. Should the vehicle be unable to move, you can turn your hazards on and then get yourself and any passengers to a safer place away from the road.
  2. Check for Injuries
    After you are in a safe spot, take a look to see if there are any injuries, including any other party that may be involved in the accident. Just remember that they will be shaken up as well, so always inquire about their well-being and try to provide some assistance, if necessary.
  3. Call the Authorities
    Even if an ambulance is not necessary, you should still call the authorities so that an official report can be filed for the accident, which makes it easier to deal with your insurance company. In some situations, the police might not respond if there are no injuries. If they do not visit the accident scene, you can still file a report of the accident with the Department of Motor Vehicles.
  4. Gather Information
    It is crucial that you gather as much information as you can after an accident. This will include the information for other drivers, the name of their insurer, as well as pictures of the scene and vehicles.

    File an Insurance Claim After the above steps are complete, you can contact your auto insurance agency to file your claim. Many insurers are available 24/7. You may be advised to bring your vehicle to a nearby repair shop for the professionals to take a look or an adjuster may come to you.
  5. Stay Calm
    The best thing to do in any accident is to stay calm. While it is understandable to be shaken up, help is there for you. Whenever you have been in an accident, Sunroad Collision Center is here to help. Not only do we have high-quality RAM truck collision repair services near Poway, paint matching near National City, and Jeep auto body repair in San Diego, but we will also be happy to work with your auto insurance provider.
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