What Are OEM Parts? Why Are They Better?

why oem parts are better

It is important to our staff at Sunroad Collision Center that you are always able to get the friendly, prompt service that you deserve. Whether you come to us for collision repair you need a good auto glass repair shop in San Diego, we have the trained professionals that you want on the job to provide you with quality, long-lasting results. Once your vehicle is here, you should know that we will only use genuine OEM parts whenever something needs to be replaced. In order for you to understand the value of OEM parts, we have put together some helpful information for you.

OEM stands for “original equipment manufacturer”. These are parts that are crafted to be exactly like the various parts that your vehicle was manufactured with. When you invest in OEM parts, you know what you are getting and the performance level is far superior to that of aftermarket parts. You have the peace of mind knowing that the parts are going to function as intended and last for a longer period of time when you buy OEM.

At our San Diego auto repair shops, our technicians will tell you that even though the price point of aftermarket parts, you get what you pay for. The quality level of an aftermarket part is usually lower and you are running the risk of lower performance and dependability. 

OEM parts that are put on your vehicle by our technicians at our professional body shop in San Diego will often come with a warranty that will give you even more peace of mind that you have a quality part that is going to last for a long time. Even if the parts cost more initially it is worth it overall when you have the dependability factor. Our team at Sunroad Collision Center wants you to know that we believe all of our customers deserve the highest-quality and longest-lasting parts. 

If you depend on your vehicle on a regular basis to get you where you need to go, then you need parts that will perform for you for a long time. Contact us at Sunroad Collision Center by calling to set up an appointment. You will find our full-service body shop and auto repair center in San Diego, CA when it is time to bring your vehicle in or when you’re looking for more information about car repair warranties.