Auto Body Shop 101: Bumper Repair

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If you get into an accident, your seatbelt and airbags will engage to protect you. However, even before these measures take effect, your car’s bumpers are your first line of defense. Let’s look at this vital car part’s role and why you should visit an auto body shop in the event of a fender bender.

What is a Car Bumper?

A bumper protects your car’s body from external damage and the passengers within or pedestrians from harm. Made of plastic composites, metal, or fiberglass, bumpers attach to the front or rear of your car. They can appear as a single piece or in segments covering the most vulnerable areas.

Repairing Minor Bumper Damage

Superficial damage, like light scratches and scrapes, doesn’t necessarily require visiting a body shop or specialized body repair parts. Many minor scratches can be fixed by compounding, buffing, then painting over them with identical paint as the rest of the bumper. However, even if you think the damage is minor, it’s still a good idea to visit a body shop; we can ensure a perfect paint color match (essential for older vehicles) while addressing deeper scratches and dents and inspecting for damage an untrained eye could easily miss.

Repairing Major Bumper Damage

More severe damage, like cracks, large dents, or detachment, require consulting from a San Diego body shop. Our technicians will compare the cost of repairing versus replacing it. Small cracks, or a partially detached bumper, justify repairs because doing so still costs less than replacing it. A correctly repaired bumper will still protect you as well as an undamaged one.

If a bumper has large cracks, multiple dents, or missing fasteners, repairs will exceed the cost of replacing it. We will also recommend a replacement if your car’s frame deformed after an accident, even if the bumper appears intact, because it may conceal underlying structural issues.

Paying for Bumper Repairs

Although warranties cover new and certified pre-owned cars, these apply to defects in materials and manufacture rather than accident damage. If an accident damages your bumper, your car insurance policy will determine how much you will pay. We can provide a written estimate detailing the necessary repairs and costs, and our work is covered by a robust collision repair warranty.

Diagnose Bumper Issues at Sunroad Collision Center

If you live in the San Diego area, there’s one place to visit for all your auto body repairs from bumper to bumper. Contact Sunroad Collision Center for a consultation so we can assess your vehicle’s condition and outline the next steps to getting you back on the road safe and sound.