Do I Need Structural Frame Repair?

February 16th, 2024 by

Structural frame repair may seem overwhelming, but with an expert team like Sunroad Collision Center at your back, your vehicle may once again drive like new. Of course, it can be difficult to tell what’s going on below the surface of your vehicle, so how do drivers know if they need structural frame repair? Sunroad Collision Center has the answer.

Your Vehicle Has Been in a Collision

Not every collision results in structural frame damage, but it’s often a good idea to check. If your vehicle has experienced significant impact, there may be damage to the frame that cannot be seen without an inspection. Our team at Sunroad Collision Center will provide that inspection, so you know if your vehicle needs more extensive repairs.

Your Tire Tread Is Uneven

You likely schedule regular tire rotations to ensure the tires on your vehicle wear down evenly, so what if you’re still seeing uneven repair? The culprit is likely the frame. An uneven or damaged frame can put uneven pressure on the different sides of the vehicle, which can lead to inconsistent tire wear and pulling when you steer.

Unusual Sounds

You always want to pay attention to new sounds from your vehicle, especially if you are worried about potential frame damage. If you hear squeaking, grinding, or rattling sounds after your vehicle has been damaged in a collision or inclement weather, there’s a good chance the frame requires repair.

Schedule Structural Frame Repair in San Diego, CA

Experiencing frame damage can be hard enough, which is why Sunroad Collision Center takes the complexity out of getting repairs and replacements. Learn about your structural frame repair options and get the repairs you can rely on, with support from our team.

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