General Auto Repair at Sunroad Collision

The Sunroad Collision Center brand comes with a certain set of expectations. There’s the expectation for dependability and quality that comes with the Sunroad Auto Group, for instance. But other expectations only scratch the surface (don’t worry, we’ll fix that, too). Besides being a collision center in San Diego, we’re also a San Diego auto repair shop. Here’s why that makes a difference.

Why We Offer Repair Services

Cars are much safer today than ever before. But even a minor fender-bender can leave your car or SUV looking, well, like a wreck.

But for all the types of damage that are immediately obvious in the aftermath of a collision, there’s a lot more that may not be as obvious. A front-end crash won’t just wreck your bumpers and headlights; it’s also likely to cause damage to your radiator, fans, and other engine components. A rear collision can wreak havoc on your brakes and suspension even if the vehicle itself doesn’t look too bad. And even getting sideswiped can interfere with your window motors, locks, and other components in your doors.


Our Process and Our Services

We’re not a conventional service center, to the extent that we’re not the kind of place you’d drop in during lunch to have your oil changed or your brakes bled. Even though we’re a Ford auto body repair shop in San Diego, we also work on nearly every other make and model, including Chrysler, KIA, Toyota, and Honda vehicles, so our technicians have been exposed to far more than the average dealership’s mechanics.

The process begins with an estimate, following which we’ll be in contact with your insurance company. Bear in mind that insurance companies often want to use aftermarket parts, and if you want OEM parts, you’ll need to specify that (which may cost you more out-of-pocket). Once we have your, and your insurer’s, approval, we undertake a complete disassembly of the damaged area to uncover any hidden damage. All structural and body repairs are undertaken, alongside any other non-structural repairs that need to be done. After all, we don’t just want your vehicle to look great when we’re done; we’ll be returning it to you in full working order. Once that’s done, we’ll reassemble, color-match, and paint your vehicle. Auto body paint near San Diego is one of our specialties!

Of course, you’re likely to have questions at various stages of this process. We encourage you to call us at any time for assistance. We’ll also help you deal with your auto insurance, car rental coordination, and more. So call us or stop by Sunroad Collision Center today!