How to Pick the Right Body Shop

August 21st, 2023 by

At Sunroad Collision Center, we know finding a collision center you can trust can seem like a complicated process. While you’re getting an estimate, make sure to inquire about these essential parts of the repair process. 

Ask About Factory Approval

When asking about estimates, ensure any body shop you’re considering uses factory-approved techniques. Every vehicle brand is constructed differently, and collision centers without factory approval may not be prepared to repair your particular make and model. Our Chief frame repair systems will return your car with 100% factory accuracy, so you can trust it works just as well as when it rolled off the lot.

Look for OEM Parts

Using only OEM, or original equipment manufacturer, parts are integral to getting your running as good as new. OEM parts are designed with your engine in mind and fit perfectly, whereas many generic aftermarket parts aren’t engineered to the same tolerances. Request our team to use only OEM parts, and you’ll be sure every component works together as intended.

Consider Color Matching

It can be frustrating to get your car back from significant repairs only to find new exterior parts that don’t match your car’s color exactly. Downdraft paint booths like we use at Sunroad Collision Center are designed to match both the shade and quality of your original coat of paint. Improper paint jobs can make a new part stand out like a sore thumb, so find out more about any body shop’s paint technology.

Get Major Repair at Sunroad Collision Center

You need a trustworthy collision center if you’ve been in a serious accident. Our expert team at Sunroad Collision Center is ready for any repair, so contact us for free car repair estimates near me today!

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