Make Sunroad Collision Center Your In-and-Out Body Shop

February 5th, 2022 by

in-and-out body shop

Are you on the search for an in-and-out body shop that will help put your vehicle back on the road? Sunroad Collision Center is here to help. We provide a wide range of repairs and upgrades for your vehicle, both inside and out, and it’s all affordable, accessible, and guaranteed to last.

Repairs on the Inside

A body shop provides different services than a service shop, which works to prevent damage and wear. We’ll help you get your vehicle running right again after damage from an accident or inclement weather. Here are some of the interior vehicle repairs and upgrades we offer:

  • Alignment Straightening: After damage, it’s important to inspect the vehicle’s alignment, as you can’t always tell if it has been compromised. We’ll inspect and straighten the alignment on your vehicle as needed.
  • Run Diagnostics: The alignment isn’t the only system that should be inspected after an accident. We’ll also run diagnostics and look for other signs of damage that need to be addressed.
  • Structural Repair: If the structure of your vehicle has been compromised in a collision, we’ll either repair or replace the parts as necessary, to make sure your vehicle is safe on every ride.

Repairs on the Outside

Here at Sunroad Collision Center, we also offer a lot of exterior repairs and fixes, including some of the following:

  • Dent Repair: We’ll remove large and small dents that affect the comfort and style of the vehicle and put your car back to rights.
  • Paint Matching: Once we’ve fixed dents and replaced parts, we’ll match your vehicle’s paint color to cover any damage. Your vehicle will look like new again.
  • Glass Replacement: Windshields and windows are often damaged in an accident, which makes a vehicle unsafe to drive. We make it easy to get the glass replacement and installation you need.

Find these great car services and a whole lot more here at Sunroad Collision Center. Schedule repair service in San Diego today.

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