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February 10th, 2023 by

Driving Safety Tip: Avoid Distracted Driving

Learning to drive offers a sense of independence and empowerment. At the same time, driving also confers a new set of responsibilities for teens and their parents. Before your teenager gets into an accident requiring services from a Sunroad Collision location, ensure you and your teenager practice these three tips for new drivers so they do not need collision repair in the first place. 

Practice What You Preach

Whether we realize it or not, our kids mirror what they see us do. Modeling safe driving habits now will help your teen driver drive better and safer later.

  • Don’t use your phone while driving
  • Maintain a safe following distance from other vehicles
  • Don’t cut off other drivers
  • Remember and obey right-of-way rules
  • Remember that yield signs, stop signs, and traffic lights aren’t a suggestion
  • Keep the stereo at a volume that doesn’t impede your awareness of what’s going on around you

Buy the Safest Car You Can Afford

Cars with driver-assist features help keep younger drivers safer.

  • Automatic emergency braking can compensate for teen drivers’ lack of reflexes to avoid an accident
  • Blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert can notify them of obstacles
  • Hands-free calling and voice recognition capabilities can remove the temptation to use their phones

Enable Teen Driving Features

Some car models possess features designed to promote safety for teen drivers. Examples include volume and maximum speed limits and notifications to put on a seat belt. Several of these features are also app-enabled and allow parents to keep tabs on their kids’ driving habits; use this data to encourage safer driving habits.

Maintain Your Vehicle

Today’s vehicles are designed to be safer and longer lasting than ever before. However, they still require routine maintenance to stay that way. To avoid trips to the nearest collision center and stay safer at any age, be sure to keep on top of essentials like oil changes, power steering checks, and brake service.

Collision Service in San Diego

Unfortunately, even the most experienced and diligent drivers can still experience accidents. Should you need collision repair in San Diego, CA, contact Sunroad Collision Center.

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