Parts of a Car Body: All About Pillars

September 21st, 2023 by

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If you’re looking to learn about the parts of a car body, Sunroad Collision Center is here to help. We believe informed drivers feel more confident when getting the service and repairs their vehicles need, and we’re sharing everything you need to know about the essential parts and systems that make your car work. Visit our dealership for insight on your car pillars today. 

Where Are Pillars on a Car?

The number of pillars your vehicle has will depend on the size and configuration of the car, but every type of car has at least A and B pillars. The A-pillars are the sloping pillars that hold the windshield into place. The B pillars are right behind the vehicle’s front seats, and the C pillars are the rear pillars in the back of the car.

If you have a larger car, like a station wagon or three-row SUV, your vehicle may have D or E pillars, which can be found behind the seats of the following rows.

What Do Pillars Do?

The A-pillars hold the windshield in place and are designed to be as thin as possible for maximum visibility. The B pillars are a safety innovation that didn’t used to exist in older vehicles. They don’t just hold the vehicle’s safety and locking mechanisms, but they also add extra structural support. The C pillar supports the rear doors and has rear locking mechanisms and glass.

Can Car Pillars Be Repaired?

Depending on the damage your vehicle experienced, the pillars may or may not be eligible for repairs. Because the pillars are essential structural parts, our team will inspect them carefully before deciding whether repairs will be safe.

Visit Sunroad Collision Center for Part Repairs

No matter what your vehicle repair needs are, Sunroad Collision Center is here to help. Visit us to learn more about parts like the pillars and to get the care you need.

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