Protecting Against Car Sun Damage

December 11th, 2023 by

Car driving on sunny day

Car sun damage can lead to cracking, melting, leaks, and future driving complications, so protecting your vehicle against sun damage can be an essential step for keeping it in the family for many more drives. Learn top tips for protecting your car from sun damage here at Sunroad Collision Center.  

Reduce Sun Exposure

It might seem obvious, but the less time your vehicle spends in the sunshine, the less likely it will experience damage. If possible, try to park in a garage or even under the shade of a tree when you can. Running errands before the sun is at its peak can also help to protect your vehicle, but as long as you reduce exposure during the heat of the day, you can help to keep your car safe.

Crack the Windows

A lot of the sun damage we see in our interior, like on the dashboard, is due to heat and cabin pressure. By cracking the windows on your vehicle, you help to reduce the build-up of heat in the cabin, which means there’s a lower risk of peeling paint or plastic.

Use a Windshield Protector

Another way to keep your dashboard safe is by using a dash protector. A screen helps to prevent direct sunlight from hitting your vehicle’s cabin, significantly reducing the heat buildup. It also means you’ll be able to touch your steering wheel or shifter without hurting your hand.

Schedule Seasonal Service in San Diego, CA

At Sunroad Collision Center, we make it easy to get the service and car care you need to keep your vehicle safe. In the event of damage or an accident, we’ll also help to bring your vehicle back up to scratch so you can take every ride with peace of mind.

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