Restoration vs. Restomod: What’s the Difference?

January 23rd, 2024 by

Getting dent repair in San Diego is easy when you visit Sunroad Collision Center. Our expert team will put you back behind the wheel in a safe and reliable vehicle in no time, with expert repairs and replacements. We’re also the collision center you can visit to learn more about different types of specialized auto body work, like complete restoration and restomods, so you can decide the best way to care for your car. 

Vehicle Restoration

When you restore a vehicle, you’re working to bring it back to the condition and functionality of the original model. In some cases, that’s simply about repairing damage or wear so the vehicle is safe and capable of driving. In most situations, however, a restoration is about imbuing new life into a car, which is why it’s typically associated with rare or valuable classic vehicles.

A complete restoration may involve taking the entire vehicle apart to take stock of what needs to be repaired or upgraded. Restorations often include cosmetic elements, like paint jobs and trim replacements, but they also go below the surface, with fixes to the engine and related systems.

Vehicle Restomod

At first glance, the restomod process may seem similar to the restoration process, but there’s one key difference. Restomodding isn’t intended to take a vehicle back to showroom condition. Aftermarket performance accessories, appearance packages, finishes, and modifications are all fair game, hence the name.

Restomodded cars often look great, with fresh chrome and bright colors. However, they’re often tailored in some way to reflect their owner’s personality and driving style. Many of these modifications are done with high-quality, high-tech products that wouldn’t have been around when the vehicle was first produced.

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Whether you’re interested in restoration or restomod, Sunroad Collision Center is here to help. Learn more about vehicle repair and upgrade options at our collision center today.

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