Sunroad Collision Center Safety Tips: Safe Highway Driving

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A point-of-view of a driver driving safely on the highway using these tips from Sunroad Collision Center

A new driver must learn a large amount of information through experience in a short period of time. Highway driving may seem daunting due to high speeds and crowded roadways. At Sunroad Collision we teach new drivers highway driving tips to ensure their and other drivers’ safety.

Perform Safe Lane Changes

Lane changes are one of the top sources of incidents on the highway, but there are a few simple steps you can take to minimize your risk.

First, signal your intent to change lanes with your turn signal at least 100 feet ahead of time. When you prepare to change lanes, check not only your rear and side mirrors, but the blind spot over your shoulder as well, to account for cyclists or other drivers. Maintain a consistent speed when changing lanes, and adjust your speed to match the other drivers in your new lane.

Keep a Safe Following Distance

Following distance, or the distance separating you and the car in front of you, is one preventative measure against an accident.

Though you can’t quantify following distance directly, you can use the three-second rule to estimate it by identifying a nearby, large, stationary object like a sign or tree, or even the hash marks in between lanes. Then, after the car in front of you passes that object, count how many seconds it takes you to pass it as well.

In clear conditions, three seconds is usually a safe following distance. However, this number will vary based on weather conditions and visibility.

Remove Distractions While Driving

Distractions while driving divide your attention, decreasing your reaction time and awareness of your surroundings. Switching attention back to the road from your other task also consumes precious reaction time. Though using your phone while driving is perhaps the most common distraction type, singing along with music while driving or talking to other passengers both qualify as well.

Learn Safer Highway Driving at Sunroad Collision Center

To learn how to incorporate safe highway practices into your preexisting driving habits, visit our San Diego, CA collision center for advice.

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