Sunroad Collision Tips for Safer Fall Driving

September 7th, 2023 by

Autumn Leaf on Car Windshield

Our team at Sunroad Collision Center is dedicated to keeping you and your vehicle safe all year long. That’s why we’re sharing top tips for protecting yourself in inclement driving conditions like the transition to fall. Explore best practices for safe fall driving with the support of Sunroad Collision Center. 

Use Your Fog Lights

Fog is one of the most significant changes in driving conditions during the fall. Because rises in dew point and humidity often accompany temperature drops, it’s common to have foggy days with limited visibility. In addition to using your regular headlights, which is especially important as the days get darker earlier, you’ll want to utilize fog lights for maximum visibility, inspecting both to ensure they’re working correctly.

Watch for Animals

It’s always important to watch for animals when you drive, especially in areas with many crossings or habitats. That said, the fall is the time of the year with the most migration for animals that pose a danger on the road, like deer. You want to drive slowly in areas with heavy deer populations and pay close attention to potential animal hazards when driving at night or when visibility is limited.

Schedule Service

You can take a few simple steps to ensure your vehicle is ready for safe fall driving. Ensure your headlights function and are pointed in the right direction for top visibility after sundown. You also want to inspect your wipers so you can clear away precipitation, leaves, and other debris while driving. Tire inspections are also crucial for ensuring traction on slippery surfaces like leaves.

Drive Safe This Fall with Support from Sunroad Collision Center

No matter where your next fall drive might lead, you’ll be safe and protected behind the wheel with support from Sunroad Collision Center. Learn more about caring for your car in the fall, and schedule San Diego collision service for any unplanned incidents along the way.

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