Sunroad Collision Tips for Safer Holiday Travel

December 6th, 2023 by

At Sunroad Collision Center, we’re here for all your driving and collision support needs, but we know prevention is better than repairs! Driving during the holiday season can be very stressful, but there are steps you can take to avoid a collision and to keep your whole family safe, and our expert team is sharing a closer look. 

Give Yourself Time

During the holiday season, it’s not unusual to see the highways and freeways backed up for miles. More people are on the road, and that means a greater chance of accidents or damage. The best way to stay safe amidst the chaos is to give yourself plenty of time to get wherever you’re going. Even if you’ve driven a route a hundred times before, it’s a good idea to look at the expected traffic for the drive so you know how early to leave.

Avoid Driving While Intoxicated

Of course, we want to have a good time during the holiday season, but it’s essential to take care when getting back behind the wheel after you’ve been celebrating. If you’ve had a few cocktails, take some extra time to digest the alcohol. It may be inconvenient, but it’s worth the trouble to keep yourself and others safe.

Leave It Unread

Another contributor to accidents is distracted driving, and drivers today have more distractions than ever. You may want to respond to that holiday party text or change the music, but it’s safer to use hands-free technology or wait until you’ve pulled over. Better yet, hand the phone to a passenger so you can focus on the road ahead.

Drive Safely With Support From Sunroad Collision Center

If your vehicle is damaged in an accident or as the result of inclement weather, Sunroad Collision Center is here to help. We make it easy to order parts and get collision repair service this holiday and all year long. Get back on the road with peace of mind this season with support from our collision center.

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