Things to Do Before a Collision Center Estimate

February 20th, 2023 by

Comparing Body Shop Estimates

When you get into an accident, two concerns come to mind: the cost of repairs and whether your insurance company will cover that cost. Though your insurance company may provide an estimate, resisting that temptation may yield cheaper and more effective results. However, you must take the proper steps to source a usable collision center estimate

What the Collision Estimate Means

A collision estimate is the sum of the price of the parts needed to repair your vehicle and the cost of labor. When your insurance company provides an estimate, they evaluate it with parts and labor supplied by a list of body shops they chose. You will receive this estimate from their claims adjustor.

Finding Reputable Body Shops

The claim adjustor’s estimate may not represent the cost of fixing your car. To calculate a more accurate total, your insurance company may ask you to provide multiple quotes from reputable body shops in your area.

To find these body shops, utilize multiple criteria. If you only identify possible estimates based on price, you may overpay for services or receive repairs performed with cheap parts, necessitating further repairs later. Cross-referencing prices with customer reviews will help you find candidates who provide quality service with affordably priced, durable components.

Your insurance company may also require that your quotes are sourced from body shops with specific certifications. Even if they do not, adding this layer of credibility will bolster your chances that a claims adjustor will accept your estimate.

Price and Repair Your Vehicle

The aftermath of a collision is disorienting enough. When it’s time for certainty, request an estimate from Sunroad Collision Center near San Diego, California, and get the care you and your vehicle deserve.

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