Three Collision Center Myths Debunked

January 6th, 2023 by

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When your car suffers damage, or if you get into an accident, you will immediately wonder how to fix it so you can drive normally again. However, some misconceptions about the repair process prevent owners from receiving quality, affordable service. Here are the three most prevalent collision center myths and why they are untrue. 

1: You can Drive an Undamaged Car after an Accident.

In some cases, after you experience an accident, your car may seem unharmed externally. Therefore, owners may assume that they can continue driving it. This myth is dangerous because your vehicle may have sustained internal damage, and continuing to drive may exacerbate that damage. The personnel at our body shop will inspect your entire vehicle to identify and address issues at the source.

2: You Can’t Choose Your Body Shop

When you notify your insurance company of your accident, they may recommend a list of body shops. Though you may receive faster service from these locations than those out of network, technicians may lower costs by using lower-quality materials and techniques or rushing your repairs. For a fair estimate, ask for quotes from three reputable local body shops and compare the prices they charge for each repair.

3: Your Car Isn’t the Same After an Accident

You may worry that a repaired car does not run as well as its pre-accident state. Body shops use OEM parts and advanced techniques to restore your vehicle to showroom condition. These techniques also result in faster turnaround times.

Collision Repair in the San Diego Area

Experience matters. If your car requires bodywork, bring it to Sunroad Collision Center. Schedule an appointment today for an estimate on your damaged vehicle or have repairs completed.

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