Three Things to Know About Driver-Assist Systems

March 10th, 2023 by

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Driver-assist systems can act as an additional source of information and an extra layer of safety for a driver. However, it’s vital not to overestimate the capabilities of driver-assist systems. To avoid an auto collision, you must understand the limits of your driver-assist systems because they cannot replace the attention of a human driver. 

1: Driver-Assists Are Not Autopilot

Driver-assist systems can perform certain functions more efficiently than a human, and some that a human cannot do. Adaptive cruise control, for instance, dynamically controls your car’s speed and acceleration to maintain a safe following distance from the vehicle in front of you. Some systems can center your car in its lane and even perform lane changes. However, these systems cannot react to everything.

2: Heed Attention Warnings

Driver-assist systems include cameras that track your eye and head position while in the driver’s seat. If your eyes stray too far from the road for too long, or your head position does not align with the road, your vehicle will warn you repeatedly to correct it. If you ignore these warnings, your car will slow down and may eventually stop altogether. If you cover the eye-tracking cameras, driver-assist programs will not operate.

3: Defensive Driving is Still Essential

The most important thing to remember about driver assist systems is this: they’re a supplement to, and not a substitute for, defensive driving principles. While the system can help you maintain a safe speed or following distance, pass safer, or change lanes with fewer worries, the smartest thing in your car is still the bit between your ears. You’ll still need to follow the essentials on the road.

Educate Yourself About Your Vehicle

Also, remember that safety systems have limitations. Cabin temperature, weather conditions, and even time of day can influence how active safety systems work, and many systems require a degree of setup. Consult the vehicle’s manual to ensure you’re using these systems properly, and don’t forget that Sunroad Collision Center is committed to your safety!

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