Three Ways to Protect Your Car’s Finish

September 20th, 2022 by

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We understand that nobody wants to look for auto body repair near me unless it’s absolutely necessary. That’s why Sunroad Collision Center is taking a moment to explain ways to protect your car’s finish now so there’ll be fewer trips to our body shop later. If our advice is a bit late in reaching you, don’t worry; we’re still here with the paint, dent, and repair services you need. 

Car Finish Protection at a Glance

After your vehicle has been painted, the paint will be sealed with a clear coat to give it that bright and shiny final look. There are many ways to protect this finish at home and with our service team support, including the following.

1. Wash and Dry Your Vehicle

Dirt and grime get on our car every day. But when we allow it to sit, it can cause corrosion to the finish and the paint below. Make sure to wash your vehicle regularly and use a microfiber cloth to dry it thoroughly and prevent spots.

2. Use the Right Washing Supplies

While you might be tempted to use the soap you already have in the house, picking up cleaning supplies specifically designed for your vehicle is best. That’s because many household products, like dish soap or all-purpose cleaners, may contain chemicals that cause damage to the surface of the clear coat, so they’re best avoided.

3. Protect It When Parked

You always want to pay attention to where you park your vehicle. Sometimes the simplest things — tree sap, falling acorns, or road debris — can damage your car’s finish. If you’re parking somewhere for an extended period or storing your vehicle outside the confines of a garage or storage facility, invest in a high-quality car cover.

These are just a few ways to protect your vehicle right at home. If the clear coat or another part of your vehicle becomes damaged, come down to Sunroad Collision Center to get San Diego auto painting you can trust.

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