What to Do When You’ve Been in an Accident

Car Accident

Modern cars are built better and safer than ever before. However, even the best-built cars and most advanced safety systems cannot completely compensate for other drivers’ errors and carelessness. If you’re ever in an accident, there are some steps to take before calling Sunroad Collision Center for an estimate and auto body repairs.

Gather Your Thoughts

Even a minor fender bender requiring nothing more than dent removal is disorienting and stressful. Regardless of the accident’s severity, take a moment to compose yourself so you can approach your next steps mindfully. This will ensure your safety and may even save you money later.

Find Safety

Next, assess the vehicle and your surroundings. Pull over to the shoulder if your car’s in good enough shape to move safely. If that’s impossible, turn on your hazards and put down flares or reflectors if you have them.

Check for Injuries

Now, check yourself and your passengers’ conditions. Assess whether anyone needs first aid, and check on the other vehicle’s occupants if it’s safe to do so.

Call Emergency Services

Having assessed the situation, dial 911. Give the dispatcher as much information as possible, including your location (road, mile marker, or landmarks) and whether anyone requires medical attention.

Exchange Information

Get photos of both vehicles from as many angles as possible and exchange insurance information with the other driver. This will help with the eventual police report and insurance claims.

Next Steps

Once you’ve gotten past the initial stages, double-check your insurance policy’s coverage and its requirements for a claim. Written collision service estimates are often part of this, as are copies of the police report and the other driver’s insurance information. Both parties’ insurance companies may reach out for your statement and a damage assessment; keep these concise and factual.

Afterword: Warranties, Insurance Policies, and Your San Diego Collision Center

Many auto insurance policies cover collisions in addition to their liability coverage. However, both policies have gaps and can deny coverage for all or part of your claim, seemingly on a whim. The Sunroad Collision Center team can answer your auto body repair questions, helping you navigate this stressful and disorienting time just as we’ve done for countless drivers before you, so once the dust settles, call us to schedule collision repair in San Diego.