What’s a Restomod?

August 15th, 2022 by

Fuzzy Dice

Sunroad Collision Center is more than an auto body shop near me. Besides repairing body damage so you can get back on the road with peace of mind, we also offer personalization and customization options. That extends to restomod services, which we’ll explain for the uninitiated. 

Vehicle Customizations at a Glance

There are many different ways to customize your vehicle, whether you’re looking for more power, a different design, or updated tech. One such way is the restomod, a combination of the words restoration and modified. Here’s a look at what restomods are and why they’re special.

What is a Restomod?

A restomod is a classic vehicle restored using modern parts and technology. Most of the time, you won’t even know you’re looking at a restomod until you open the hood.

What’s the Point of a Restomod?

Classic vehicles are beautiful and important, but there have been many technological advances, performance, and safety upgrades since they were first produced. With a restomod, you’ll have a safer, more reliable vehicle that doesn’t sacrifice any of the coolness of the original car.

Are Restomods Valuable?

The closer to the original a classic vehicle is, the more of its value it’s going to retain. But while restomods aren’t going to be as valuable as a classic using entirely original parts, the upgrades can have a value all their own for the right buyer. In fact, you may see more return than expected on your restomod investment.

It’s easy to begin the auto repair, upgrade, and customization process for your new or classic car right here at Sunroad Collision Center. Learn more about restomod culture and get the repairs your vehicle needs at our collision center today.

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