When to Repair or Replace Your Car

July 20th, 2022 by

car repair

It can be difficult to decide between scheduling car repair for a damaged vehicle or replacing it completely. But that’s where our team here at Sunroad Collision Center can help. We’re auto repair experts that know when a problem is worth solving and when to walk away.

Learn about your repair and replacement options at our collision center.

Questions to Ask After Your Vehicle Has Been Damaged

Whether your vehicle has been damaged in an accident or the parts have simply begun to wear down, you have two main options to pick from. You can either decide to try and repair your vehicle, or you can make the choice to replace it. Asking yourself these simple questions will help you to decide.

What Are the Costs of Repairs?

Of course, you want to do some calculations before scheduling vehicle repairs or a new vehicle test drive. Consider the cost of the repairs and compare it to the value of the vehicle. If the repair costs exceed vehicle value, it is considered “totaled”, and it might be better to move on to the next ride.

What Future Repairs Will This Car Need?

You want to account for repair costs in the long and short-term. That’s because even small repair costs can really begin to add up if you find yourself doing a lot of repairing and replacing. Look at the current condition of your vehicle and factor long-term repairs into the budget.

What Warranties Do I Have?

When setting your budget, you also want to account for warranty coverage. This can significantly reduce your repair and service costs, which may mean that repairs are the better option for you.

Here at Sunroad Collision Center, we provide many services that will keep your vehicle safe and get it back on the road after an accident, like paintless dent repairs, structural repairs, and more. Explore vehicle repair options and more at our location today.

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