Car Paint Shop 101: What Causes Paint Peeling?

April 15th, 2023 by

Man polishing up a car in a car paint shop

The first thing you see about a car is its paint job. The quality of a car’s paint job not only affects its aesthetics, but its functionality. When finding nearby car paint shops, ensure that they know how to identify and fix common causes of peeling paint.

Car Paint’s Component layers

Car paint contains three layers: the primer, base coat, and clear coat. The primer acts as a smooth surface that bonds to the layers above it and defends the car body against damage. The base coat gives the car its color, and the clear coat seals in the base coat. Paint peeling, also called paint delamination, occurs when the paint layers stop bonding to each other, leaving your car vulnerable to harm.

1. UV Exposure

UV light bombards your car with shorter and higher intensity wavelengths than visible light, breaking down the chemical bonds in your car’s clear coat. They also penetrate the base coat, causing it to fade, and for the clear and base coats to delaminate.

2. Chemical Cleaners

Chemical cleaners remove dirt by breaking down grime into a form that adheres to soap, which you can scrub off. However, these chemicals can also degrade your car’s paint layers. Rinsing off any soaps or detergents used as soon as possible and following the manufacturer’s use instructions can decrease the severity of the effect.

3. Dents in Your Car Body

Dents in your car body, either from debris or an accident, can scratch off one or more layers of your car’s paint job. If the primer is exposed to the external environment, it will delaminate freely, revealing the car body underneath. Then, hazards like moisture can corrode it unimpeded.

Visit the Car Paint Shop at Sunroad Collision Center

To locate problems with your paint job or take steps to avoid them, consult the experts at Sunroad Collision Center. We will help your car look just as good as the day you bought it!

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