Collision Repair 101: Can a Unibody Frame be Repaired?

April 20th, 2023 by

Damaged cars in a service center for collision repair

Your car’s unibody frame is one of several measures that reduces any harm that might befall you or your passengers in a crash. Sourcing a quality collision repair service means finding one which can repair unibody frames properly, such as Sunroad Collision Center.

What is a Unibody Frame?

A unibody frame is a type of car construction where the chassis and frame are one piece. This contrasts with body-on-frame construction, where the frame and chassis are made pieces and joined afterward. Unibody construction is the most common framework in modern vehicles.

Benefits of Unibody Construction

A unibody frame car has greater fuel efficiency than a body-on-frame car due to its reduced height and weight. It also incorporates crumple zones — sections of the frame which break apart to absorb force during an accident. This reduces the amount of force drivers and passengers may feel, when implemented alongside other safety measures.

Importance of Unibody Repairs

Repairing your car’s frame after an accident is important because it restores damage to these crumple zones. Driving a damaged car means that if an accident happens, your car cannot protect you because its compromised crumple zones will not redirect force away from you, so you may sustain more grievous injuries.

Repairing your car’s frame also ensures that components like its suspension function properly, and so you can drive in a straight line.

Costs of Unibody Repairs

The cost of repairing a unibody car is important regardless of the severity of damage. A repair made to a unibody frame car increases the structural integrity of the whole. However, repairing a unibody frame car is expensive, so much so that in some cases, buying a new car may cost less than repairing your damaged one.

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