Five Keys to Safer Driving

March 8th, 2023 by

Avoid distracted driving!

Drivers usually consider vehicle ownership’s material costs and consequences, like oil and tire changes or calling a body shop after an accident. However, a driver is also responsible for practicing safe driving habits to decrease the odds of property damage or personal harm to themselves or others. At Sunroad Collision, we teach drivers examples of these habits. 

1: Remove Distractions

Distractions while driving originate from more than your cell phone. Talking to passengers, eating or drinking, or manipulating your car’s GPS or infotainment system, divide your attention between that task and the road. This decreases your reaction time to obstacles and other drivers.

2: Maintain a Safe Following Distance

A safe following distance maximizes the time to react to the driver in front of you. If their driving patterns change suddenly, that gap will decrease your likelihood of a collision with them. To determine your following distance, count how many seconds it takes that driver, then you, to pass a large object, like a road sign. In clear weather, that duration must last at least three seconds.

3: Adapt to Weather Conditions

Rain and snow alter roadways by lowering visibility and tire traction. Accordingly, increase your following distance, and drive slower, to improve your reaction time. Lower speeds also allow your car to grip the road surface better.

4: Avoid Drunk Driving

Alcohol consumption impairs your judgment and coordination. Even one drink can negatively affect you. If you plan to drink, pick a designated driver, or prepare to utilize a rideshare service.

5: Remain Vigilant

You must maintain constant awareness of your surroundings. Use your side and rearview mirrors to learn about other drivers’ behavior. Determining other drivers’ intentions will help avoid accidents and create unsafe situations.

Protect Yourself and Others

While we strive to provide excellent collision service in San Diego, we’d be thrilled if we never had to help a driver through the aftermath of an accident again. We want you to stay safe on the road, so you’re always welcome to ask for safe driving advice from Sunroad Collision Center!

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