Parts of a Car Body: Body Panels

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Painting car body panel

The body panels comprise the exterior of your vehicle and are one of the first parts you see when buying a new car. Those panels are vulnerable to many types of damage. Knowing the parts of a car body will help you maintain your vehicle correctly and stay informed while receiving routine maintenance and emergency repairs. 

Purpose of Body Panels

Body panels protect both the passengers and the car’s components from hazards while driving. Examples include rain and snow, biological debris like pollen and tree sap, and debris kicked up by the vehicle while in motion. Depending on the body panel’s location, it may also deflect debris away from underlying car parts.

Body Panel Types and Locations

A body panel often shares the same name as the part it protects, which is usually hidden behind or below. The hood panel, for example, grants access to the engine from the back of the vehicle and shields the engine from harm.

Another example would be the bumper panels on the front and back of the car, which protect the vehicle by absorbing the kinetic energy of a crash and then breaking off the vehicle. This disperses the energy away from the car, decreasing possible damage to the vehicle and passengers.

Typical Damage Incurred to Body Panels

Storing a car outside exposes it to many types of body damage. Exposure to sunlight, for instance, degrades the paint via UV light reacting with the finish. Snow and rain can create rust over time. Tree sap and bird droppings can also damage the paint and the metal underneath via their acidic properties. Driving on sandy or rocky roads can prove especially dangerous. Though small, the particles move fast, hitting your car’s body and windshield. These tiny collisions add up to dents, paint chipping, and even windshield damage.

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