Parts of a Car Body: Mirrors and Windshields

June 6th, 2023 by

Auto Glass Replacement

Given their size relative to other car body parts, mirrors and windshields may seem unimportant. However, they perform vital safety tasks for you and your passengers. By knowing how these parts of a car body work, you can take steps to care for them, reducing the need for costly repairs. 

Purpose of Car Mirrors

Backup cameras are a terrific invention, but when your car is in motion, there’s still no substitute for your rearview mirrors. Besides displaying objects and moving vehicles directly behind your car, your mirrors effectively widen your field of vision to the rear and sides. You lose crucial situational awareness if the mirrors’ glass or controls break.

Common Kinds of Mirror Damage

Neighboring cars, shopping carts, and other obstacles commonly damage exterior mirrors. However, even mirrors’ frequent adjustment can damage the components which enable their movement. Even routine cleaning can break your mirrors if you use a high-PSI power washer.

Purpose of Car Windshield

Your windshield contributes to your safety in some surprising ways. Besides keeping dust and debris out of the cabin, it also preserves your car’s structural integrity, helps protect the cabin during rollovers, keeps passengers from being ejected in accidents, and even helps your car’s airbags inflate. A broken windshield can’t do these things effectively.

Common Types of Windshield Damage

Chips and cracks can arise from debris like gravel or rough road conditions. A technician can fix small, infrequent chips easily. However, significant cracks demand a replacement because these can grow while driving, obscuring your vision. The windshield may even break entirely.

Get Expert Auto Glass Repair at Sunroad Collision Center

Don’t trust auto glass repair to just anyone. If your mirrors or windshields need repairs, visit Sunroad Collision Center to receive guidance from a technician, where we will determine the severity of any problems and provide you with a precise written estimate of repair costs.

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