What Are the Parts of a Car Wheel?

May 11th, 2023 by

Though they may seem unassuming, the wheels of your car are a marvel of engineering — without them, your vehicle would be unable to move, after all. Accordingly, problems with your wheels are even more detrimental than other systems. By knowing the parts of a car wheel, you can identify broken components quickly for a technician, increasing the efficiency of repairs.

The Hub

The hub of a wheel connects the entire wheel housing to the axle of your car. Other components of the wheel are attached to and around the hub. Bolts threaded through a hole in the hub’s center ensure even distribution of force generated while you drive, and flanges, or ribs, on the hub, bolted to either side of the axle, provide another layer of structural integrity.

The Rim

The rim is the outermost circumference and surface of the wheel. The tire encircles it and attaches to it via flanges protruding from the rim.

The Tire

Tires are the most recognizable part of a car wheel. Tires are hollow donuts comprised of rubber and filled with air. They give your car traction while driving by utilizing the torque generated by your car’s engine.

The threads, or notches on the outer rim of the tire, increase its surface area and maximize the amount of tire which contacts the road at any given time. Beads, or wires, on the inner rim of the tire attach to the wheel’s rim, creating an airtight seal between it and the rim, to decrease energy wasted while in motion.

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