What to Do if the Towing Company Damages Your Car

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Tow truck towing car

You may need a tow for any number of reasons, from a collision to a breakdown; you may also get one you didn’t need or want if your car’s parked where it shouldn’t be. But what do you do if the towing company causes or exacerbates damage to your vehicle? Sunroad Collision Center explains what you need to know before calling an auto body shop near me

Towing Companies’ Duty of Care

Duty of care refers to the measures a person would reasonably expect a towing company to take while transporting a vehicle. These include but are not limited to handling the vehicle carefully, driving safely, and alerting fellow drivers to the towed car. If your vehicle suffers damage while towing, you can argue that the company must reimburse you for neglecting to exercise their duty of care as long as you did not waive your right to hold the company liable.

Proving Duty of Care Neglect

Document and compare the damage done to your car before and after towing. After ensuring you and your passengers can exit your vehicle safely, take photos and video of it from all angles. Then, accompany the tow truck to its destination. If you find fresh damage upon arrival, document it as well.

Case resolution

The towing company may compensate you to avoid reputational harm. If it does not, you’ll need to file a claim with your insurer (or include it in your claim if the car’s been in a collision). You must you’re your policy’s fine print, however, since some policies won’t cover this damage.

If your insurance covers your towing repairs, get estimates from three reputable body shops. If all else fails, use your documentation as evidence to pursue the duty of care case in small claims court.

San Diego Auto Body Work at Sunroad Collision Center

After a towing incident, you can rely on Sunroad Collision Center for a free estimate and friendly, thorough service. Contact us today if you have questions about auto body work or collision service.

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