What to Know When Buying a Car with Frame Damage

November 10th, 2023 by

If you’re searching for reliable frame damage repair, Sunroad Collision Center is the team you can trust. We’ll get your vehicle repaired and running right after frame damage, and we’ll even share a closer look at what you need to know about buying a vehicle that has previously had frame damage so you can pick out the right vehicle to fit your needs. 

The Amount of Damage Can Vary

Frame damage isn’t necessarily a dealbreaker, but knowing how much frame damage there was is useful. A small amount will likely have no lasting impact on the safety and drivability of the vehicle. Still, if the vehicle suffered significant frame damage, it may not be safe or reliable enough to take home. Look for a history report that details the nature of the repairs and confirms that a reputable collision center like ours performed them.

The Value Will Go Down

You always want to do a market analysis when purchasing a pre-owned vehicle to know if you’re getting a good deal on the model you like. However, the value will be much lower when you buy a car with frame damage. Average pricing is for vehicles with average wear, but severe frame damage should bring the price tag down significantly.

Frame Damage is Significant

The type of frame damage your vehicle experiences can vary, but it’s worth noting that frame damage is more severe than typical dent repair or body panel replacement. If you have an expert team like Sunroad Collision Center, you can get repairs to your damaged frame, but in many cases, a frame-damaged vehicle can only be sold under a salvage title, so it’s best to consider vehicles with cosmetic damage instead.

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Here at Sunroad Collision Center, we offer frame repair and a range of other repairs and services that will help your vehicle run right. Schedule frame repair and more at our collision center today.

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