How Does Paintless Dent Repair Work?

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When it comes to paintless dent repair in San Diego, Sunroad Collision Center has you covered. If your vehicle has been damaged on the exterior or below the surface, we’re the team you can trust to bring it back to rights. Learn about paintless dent repair services and more at our collision center today.

Paintless Dent Repair at a Glance

If your vehicle has been in an accident or damaged due to inclement weather, it may have dents. Dents can lower your vehicle’s value if you’re planning to sell or trade in down the line, and it’s crucial to check below the surface of the dent to ensure there is no structural damage.

If our Sunroad Collision Center team has determined that the dent is cosmetic and that there is no damage to the paint—hence the name—we can begin the paintless dent repair process. Here’s how it works.

We Verify Eligibility

Paintless dent removal has many benefits but only works for some types of dents. Our team will inspect the dent to ensure there is no torn or broken metal and that the damage hasn’t affected car parts with previous bodywork.

We Access the Dent

To start, our team will find an effective way to access the dent in your vehicle. To do so, we may simply open a window or remove a piece of trim for better access to the dent and improved feasibility of removal.

We Move the Metal

Our team has specialized tools specifically designed to remove dents, which we’ll use to massage the metal slowly back into position. We start at the outer edges of the dent and work inward until the entire piece of dented metal has returned to its original position.

Paintless dent repair is just one of the many repair services we offer here at Sunroad Collision Center. Whether your vehicle has been damaged or the parts have worn down over time, we’ll do our best to get your car back out on the road and running as smoothly as the day you first took it home. Schedule paintless dent repair and order auto parts at our collision center today.