Why You Should Never Drive on a Flat Tire

February 6th, 2023 by
Car with Flat Tire

Flat tires are surprisingly common, occurring every seven seconds on average. If you suffer one of the 220 million flats per year, you should know that driving on a flat puts your vehicle in danger of further harm, up to and including an accident. Knowing what to do about a flat tire can prevent you…

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Parts of a Car Body: Body Panels

January 20th, 2023 by
Painting car body panel

The body panels comprise the exterior of your vehicle and are one of the first parts you see when buying a new car. Those panels are vulnerable to many types of damage. Knowing the parts of a car body will help you maintain your vehicle correctly and stay informed while receiving routine maintenance and emergency…

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Commercial Body Shop in Claremont Mesa, CA

January 15th, 2023 by
Bodywork for Trucks, Vans, Buses, and More

Getting commercial vehicle repair at a body shop will benefit your business in many ways. Performing repairs on personal vehicles reaps obvious benefits that maintain a car’s aesthetics, functionality, and safety. However, performing the same work on commercial vehicles, like trucks and buses, is also important because the vehicles’ conditions affect the perception of your…

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Three Collision Center Myths Debunked

January 6th, 2023 by
Airbag icon

When your car suffers damage, or if you get into an accident, you will immediately wonder how to fix it so you can drive normally again. However, some misconceptions about the repair process prevent owners from receiving quality, affordable service. Here are the three most prevalent collision center myths and why they are untrue. 

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Parts of a Car Body: Bumpers Versus Fenders

December 20th, 2022 by
Closeup of Tire and Fender

When you have an accident, you must contend with many concerns. Not only must you find a reputable body shop with fair prices, but you must describe the damage incurred to your vehicle. Understanding the parts of a car body helps drivers realize what needs to be fixed and mechanics to perform the proper repairs….

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Collision Repair Estimates: Do You Need a Second Opinion?

December 10th, 2022 by
Collision Center Estimate

When you experience an accident, you may worry about the cost of repairing your vehicle. If you have auto insurance, you may feel concerned about how much your insurance will cover. Knowing how to gather accurate collision repair estimates is key to controlling costs while ensuring the service you deserve. 

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Helping Your Car’s Finish Last Longer

December 6th, 2022 by
Caring for Car Finish

When buying a new vehicle, you usually consider mechanical maintenance first. However, after you’ve scheduled a car paint job in San Diego, you’ll want to take steps that protect and preserve your vehicle’s external appearance. 

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How Does Dent Removal Work?

November 20th, 2022 by
Unhappy Driver Inspecting Dented Car

The dent removal process is more straightforward than it might seem—and our team at Sunroad Collision Center is here to help every step of the way. Whether your vehicle has been damaged in an accident or due to inclement weather, we can get your car back out on the road and running right, dent free….

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Why Use a Body Shop for Windshield Repairs?

November 15th, 2022 by
Windshield Repair

If you experience windshield damage, the extent of the harm can escalate quickly. A small crack can widen, and the entire windshield can even shatter. To find the most reliable service, visit a body shop for windshield repairs. Cost Receiving windshield repairs from an auto body shop will vary in price when compared to companies…

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How to Prepare for Auto Body Repair

November 5th, 2022 by
Estimate for Bodywork

If your car is damaged, regardless of the cause, the prospect of locating a body shop may seem like yet another headache. To ease owners’ minds, the auto body repair process at Sunroad Collision Center is transparent, methodical, and easy to follow. There are also some steps vehicle owners can take ahead of their visit. 

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